A woman has died after being struck by a wheelbarrows wheelbarreled into her farm in rural NSW

A woman in rural Queensland has died following a fatal hit-and-run incident on her farm.

Key points:The woman was killed after being hit by a motorbike wheelbarrowing into her propertyThe woman’s family has spoken to police about the accident and are appealing for witnessesPolice say the woman was travelling in a motorised cart in the rural town of Prahran, near the town of Gurnee, when it came into contact with a tractor.

She was rushed to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in the town’s north, where she died.

Police are appealing to witnesses to contact police.

“She was travelling with a motor vehicle in a caravan and was hit by the wheelbarrel of a motor cycle,” Inspector Darren Brindle said.

“Police are treating this as a tragic accident and will be assisting the family.”

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