WATCH: Prince Harry ‘brought home’ a new pet as his mother’s funeral nears

VIDEO An adorable cat named ‘Little Prince’ has been brought home to the royal family by his mother as she prepares to be buried in the cemetery at Windsor Castle.

The 12-year-old kitten, who has a special bond with the Duchess of Sussex, will be joined by a new friend and companion for the upcoming funeral, which will be held on the Sunday evening before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official arrival at the palace.

Prince Harry and his sister Kate will be accompanied by the Duchess and Prince Harry’s wife, Samantha, who will be attending the funeral, as well as Prince Harry and Prince William.

The Duchess will not be attending as the funeral takes place in the home of the Queen.

Her husband, Prince Charles, will also be attending, but will not make an official visit to Windsor Castle as he was due to visit the UK’s National Museum of Natural History.

The royal couple are also expected to attend the funeral for their father, Prince William, who died on April 6 after a battle with lung cancer.

During their wedding to Kate, Prince Harry had to endure a night of sleeplessness during which he was kept awake by the news of his wife’s death.

The Duke added that the funeral would be held at Windsor Palace.”

She was such a wonderful person, an incredibly loving, kind and generous lady and a true friend to everyone.”

The Duke added that the funeral would be held at Windsor Palace.

The Queen’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, has been making the most of her time off the throne as she makes her way through a busy week with her first visit to the United Kingdom since leaving the country in May.

The Duke and the Duchess are due to attend a ceremony to mark her 85th birthday on Monday evening, and will have a private meeting with her late mother at Windsor on Monday afternoon.

She will be spending time with the two children of her late father, King George VI, who she met while working as a teacher in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

In the early 1980s, Princess Elizabeth met her future husband, John, when he visited Windsor for the opening of the British pavilion at the G20 summit in Brisbane.

On her final visit to Australia in October, Prince Philip will also hold talks with Princess Elizabeth, her mother, the Duchess, and her brother, Prince Andrew.

The Princess and the Duke will be making their first UK visit since the death of Prince Charles in May 2019.

They will attend a royal dinner in London on Sunday with Prince Harry, Kate, and Prince George, as part of a tour of England.

The trip will be Prince Harrys first official visit since he left the UK on the back of a private engagement to his girlfriend, singer Rita Ora, in February.

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