How to get there from London via Manchester and Birmingham

From London to Manchester and back, a journey through the countryside in the UK and beyond is only about one hour.

But there are some places that you won’t have to leave your comfort zone to reach.

From London, you can go to Cardiff, the Welsh capital, to explore some of the local landmarks and visit some of Wales’s most spectacular landscapes.

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From Cardiff to Manchester, a five-hour journey via the Midlands and north WalesYou can explore the countryside and see the sights in the countryside without going to Cardiff.

In fact, there are plenty of places in the Midlands that you can see the countryside from without having to travel through Cardiff.

There are many locations you can visit with no driving required, such as the small town of St Andrews, a small town that is located on the border of both the Midlands (the Midlands) and the North (North Wales).

St Andrews is one of the most popular destinations in the North Wales countryside, as it is home to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

This is the military training centre of the Royal Welch Fusilier Regiment, and you can find yourself in a military environment as you visit St Andrews.

The town of Drogheda, on the Isle of Wight, is also a popular destination for people looking to see some of Scotland’s scenic beauty.

The town is located just 40 minutes from Edinburgh and is the perfect place to see the beautiful scenery in the distance.

You can also visit the picturesque and historic town of Bannockburn, which has been voted the best tourist destination in Scotland by the Travel and Leisure Journal.

Bannocks is the second largest town in the whole of Scotland, and is a favourite stop for visitors from all over the country.

Banned by the authorities for its use of the term ‘scenic’, visitors can visit Bannokburn from any of the many pubs and restaurants on the island.

You can go on a walk to see a variety of wildlife, which is something you can enjoy while travelling from London to the Midlands.

The best time to visit Bandon in Wales is in April when the weather is calm and sunny, which allows for some beautiful wildlife to roam freely.

You will also find some amazing wildlife in Bandon.

You can see seals, penguins and the blue whales, and of course you will also see many of the native animals that live in the area.

In the summer, you will have the chance to visit the island’s famous beaches, which offer plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing.

To reach the coast, you need to be a bit more adventurous.

From the South Coast in the north, you’ll have the opportunity to visit one of Waless most famous sights, The Bay of Bays.

The bay is famous for its amazing underwater scenery, and its name comes from the way it is divided into several parts.

The northernmost part of the bay, called the Bays of Bexleyheath, is a great place to explore the area, and a good choice if you are planning to visit St George’s Bay.

There are also many attractions to explore in the surrounding areas of the Bay of Biays, including the beaches of Borthwick and Borthydd, as well as the stunning coastal cliffs of Wiggin, and the rocky shoreline of Wigan.

The best time of year to visit is from early spring through to autumn.

If you have an extra day or two, you could also go for a visit to the nearby country of Ceredigion, which features some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery.

If the weather in Wales isn’t too cold, you may want to visit some popular sites such as Penwil, and Bairn, which are also popular tourist attractions.

You will also be able to see many different wildlife species including seals, whales and dolphins, so you can experience a wonderful wildlife experience without the stress of driving from London.

From Birmingham to CardiffThe city of Birmingham has a number of exciting sights to see and explore in its beautiful landscape.

It is a city with a strong history, and has been the home of the famous Birmingham Docklands for centuries.

The city is located in the heart of the city, and it is not surprising that the city has a rich history.

Birmingham is a thriving and thriving city, with a vibrant, vibrant arts and cultural scene, which includes music, theatre, dance and music festivals.

The city has the second highest number of university places in England, with almost 300,000 students enrolled in its schools.

There is a wide range of activities to do throughout the year, from visiting museums to visiting historic buildings.

There will be plenty of opportunities to visit schools and universities around Birmingham, so whether you’re planning a holiday or just need a few hours of fun, you’re in the right place to go.

The best way to reach Birmingham is by car

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