How to use Google Maps to find the closest rural address

Google is adding new functionality to its map to help people find their rural roots.

The feature, called rural king, is rolling out in the US and will also roll out in Australia and New Zealand, with more countries expected to follow suit in the future.

The new feature is designed to let users search for their rural homes by name and location, and then see a list of nearby locations with their rural origins.

The first version of the feature rolled out to select US users on Monday, but Google says the new version has been rolled out nationwide.

Google says it’s been “proud to work with communities to create and support the best local search experience on the internet”, and is excited to be working with rural communities in developing countries like Argentina, Peru and Brazil to make it even easier for people to find their roots.

The feature, which will allow users to find rural home addresses by name, will be available in several different formats including the US version, Australia and NZ versions, and the Latin American version.

Google is also adding new locations to the map to show the nearest urban areas.

For example, if a user has a home in the city of Brisbane, it will show a map of nearby Brisbane neighbourhoods, with an overlay showing the number of residents in each neighbourhood.

This feature will be rolled out globally and will be a key part of Google’s efforts to increase accessibility for its users.

The company says the feature will provide people with a way to identify rural areas that are far from cities, with the aim of helping them get around better.

Google also says the app is designed with people’s interests in mind.

Users can use the feature to search for places that are nearby by area or city.

Users can also search for local businesses, or to check out information on local landmarks like rivers, parks and landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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