U.S. Rep. C.A. Cattaraughey: We can’t let rural America die

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Cattoraughey has become a champion for rural America.

Now, she’s trying to help fix the nation’s housing crisis.

The congresswoman, who was born in rural New Jersey, is the second Democrat in Congress to endorse a federal housing program for rural communities.

In 2014, she voted to create a rural Housing and Community Development Block Grant Program.

She’s also worked with several rural communities to develop a $10 million rural housing incentive program, a program that has been criticized for not going far enough to help communities of color and for not taking into account people of color.

Last week, Cattenaughey spoke at the White House about the importance of housing and how the federal government can support rural communities in ways that work for them.

“I think that we need to have that kind of support, not just on the land but off of the land,” she said.

Cattoraugh said she sees rural America as an asset and an opportunity, not a liability.

“I think we’re better off because of it,” she told CBS News.

“We have more resources.

We’re able to work together and I think we can do a better job than people who are just living on the farm.”

While there’s not a lot of data on how rural housing works, the Rural Housing Assistance Act of 2017 aims to provide housing for people who have no other option but to stay on the farms, the National Rural Housing Association said in a statement.

Cattenauggy said she hopes the federal housing programs will help rural Americans find jobs and help them get to their destination faster.

But she also said she’s concerned about the lack of affordable housing.

“This is the land where you get your birthright,” she explained.

“The land where people get the most money, where the people that are most vulnerable are the most vulnerable, the people who don’t have any jobs.

And I think that if we don’t do anything, we’re going to have a housing crisis in this country.”

If we don, we will be at a disadvantage in the long run.

“Cattnoraughey was born and raised in the small town of Chatham, New Jersey.

She went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in history from Princeton University and a master’s in public policy from New York University, and later worked as a special assistant to the president and chief operating officer of the New Jersey Department of Economic Development.

She now works as a community development analyst with the Rural Economic Development Agency.

Cannon, a Democrat from New Hampshire, also spoke at Cattenaughs speech and said she wants the federal programs to help rural communities find jobs.

But Cannon said she worries about the impact on the elderly, who are at greater risk of homelessness, in rural areas.”

While Cattenoughs speech focused on the importance and the value of rural land, Cannon said it’s time to recognize that rural America is also an asset to the United States.”

They’re the ones that can be the first line of defense in rural communities.”

While Cattenoughs speech focused on the importance and the value of rural land, Cannon said it’s time to recognize that rural America is also an asset to the United States.

Crenshaw, who grew up in rural Maine, said she was able to go to college because she was living on a farm and had to work to pay for school.

She said she thinks it’s critical that people in rural America see that there are other ways to get ahead in life.

“It’s time for people to get out of their houses and work, to get involved in the economy,” she added.

“It’s a very important asset to us, it’s a key part of our economy.”

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