Trump Says Russia Has ‘Crowns’ to Capture US Cities

ROME — President Donald Trump said Sunday that Russia has “crowns” to capture US cities and that he believes the US has “the most powerful army in the world.”

The comments came after Trump said he would announce Monday the creation of a $1 trillion infrastructure fund that would provide funding for highways, bridges, and airports to help the US overcome its chronic debt crisis.

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Trump said that “the American people will not be fooled by the false promises and promises of politicians in Washington.”

He also said that he would begin a series of actions, including a new trade war with China, to help stabilize the US economy.

He said he was seeking a $100 billion aid package for the US that would include billions for infrastructure, as well as help for rural communities.

“The American people know that we have the most powerful military in the history of mankind,” Trump said, referring to the country’s nuclear arsenal.

“We have the world’s strongest economy, with the world leader in manufacturing.

We have the strongest infrastructure, with bridges and tunnels and highways and airports and airports that are capable of handling the massive amounts of cargo that the world has demanded for decades.

And we have an incredible economy.””

The only way to fix our crumbling infrastructure is to invest in it, to create jobs, to make the country more competitive.

That is our first and foremost goal.”

In the speech, Trump reiterated his call for a tax cut, the release of the jailed former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, and a border wall.

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