“Rural King” Radford dies at 93

RADFORD, Texas — The man who coined the phrase “rural mutual insurance” died Wednesday, the county sheriff’s office said.

The county’s Sheriff Mike Wright said the 51-year-old Radford died at his home in rural Radford on a farm outside the town of Radford.

Radford, Texas is about 45 minutes northeast of Dallas.

The sheriff said Radford was an avid runner and an avid hunter who owned a farm.

He loved horses, horses, and hunting, and he loved horses.

He was a big proponent of the rural refuge movement and was the founder of the Radford-Radford Rancher’s Association.

The sheriff added that Radford worked as a ranch owner and lived in a home on the Radfield property, where he would go to work and to church.

The Associated Press could not reach Radford for comment.

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