How to help the people of Casas Rurales

Casas rural is a village in the central state of Guerrero in Guerrero state, located in the state of Mexico.

It is a small town located in a remote area in Guerrero where the population is only about 2,000.

The community is a very remote place with no public transportation, internet, or water supply.

However, there are a number of small businesses in the community, some of which have started producing food, which are selling out fast.

The local government has been very helpful and generous in helping Casas villagers in the last few years, and the community is looking forward to a new start in the future.

The Casas community is very welcoming and the farmers are very active in the local economy.

However there is one problem: The farm is not allowed to sell their produce for a year, and they cannot sell their products in the market because of the government regulations.

This has led to some discontent amongst the farmers, which has led many to take action against the authorities.

The government has also started to restrict the sale of agricultural products in a number places, including supermarkets and gas stations.

The farmers are hoping to organize a protest on December 14, which is when the government is expected to announce its decision on the farmers’ demands.

The agri-businesses in Casas are struggling to survive and have been facing some financial difficulties, but their efforts are paying off.

They are getting good payments from the government, and are able to survive in this difficult economic situation.

If you would like to help, you can donate food, clothing, and other necessities, as well as your own savings.

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