Rural Internet providers could get a major boost under the NBN

Posted September 06, 2018 08:53:31 If you live in rural Australia, you can expect a significant increase in internet service providers under the National Broadband Network.

This could mean that some rural broadband providers are going to receive significant government support under the Coalition’s National Broadcom NBN.

“If you’re looking at this, you’ve got rural broadband being an area where we’re really keen to make sure that we’re not giving these providers the resources they need,” Mr Turnbull said.

“So if you live on the outskirts of a city, you don’t want your internet provider to be a company that is making a lot of money.”

The Coalition is keen to maximise the potential of the National NBN.

It wants to deliver broadband speeds of 1Gbps to every household in Australia.

However, rural broadband provider Rural Broadband Alliance is concerned that the Coalition is planning to give large companies access to the NBN without making sure that those services are safe for their customers.

“They are trying to take a whole range of providers out of the system and give them access to NBN services for no cost,” Mr Turner said.

“[But] there’s also a huge amount of infrastructure that needs to be built to make this work.”

What does the NBN mean for rural Australians?

The Coalition has been criticised for not taking the issue of rural broadband seriously enough.

The Coalition says the National Infrastructure Facility will ensure the NBN is a “national standard”.

“The National Infrastructure Investment Plan ensures that the NBN system is a national standard,” the Coalition said in its press release.

“The NBN is now the most widely deployed fibre network in the world.

The NBN will also bring significant benefits to rural communities across Australia.”

The NBN is also expected to increase the number of rural jobs.

However there is concern that the Government’s plan to invest $100 billion in the NBN could not be delivered quickly enough.

Rural broadband provider Mr Turner says the Government has not done enough to ensure that the money will be spent on infrastructure.

“We’re concerned that in the first year of this [NBN] plan, we’ll need to spend $100bn to deliver the NBN,” he said.

The National Broad-band Network is due to be delivered by 2023.

The first phase of the NBN, known as Phase 1, is due for completion by the end of 2021.

The Labor Government has announced a $70 billion package of infrastructure projects, including a $20 billion national broadband rollout and a $5 billion new interstate broadband scheme.

The $5bn scheme is expected to be rolled out over three years, but it is expected that this could take up to six months.

What does it mean for the Coalition?

The NBN project is seen as a major step towards delivering the Coalition promised “NBN for all”.

However, it has been labelled by some commentators as a “grand slam” project for rural areas.

“You’re getting a bunch of big companies getting access to a lot more bandwidth,” Mr Mundy said.

Mr Turnbull has also argued that the National infrastructure facility will provide “the certainty to deliver this NBN to the country”.

“We have the infrastructure to deliver it, the infrastructure, we have the resources to deliver that infrastructure,” he told the ABC.

“What we’ve done is, the NBN for all will now be available to the Government.”

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