What’s next for NYC’s cemetery?

The cemetery is a reminder of the city’s industrial history, a place where city hall and government officials have fought tooth and nail over how much of a legacy to leave behind for the next generation.

The cemetery sits in the heart of the Bronx borough, which has seen the biggest decline in cemetery populations since the 1920s.

But as a result of a decades-long war between state and federal governments, the city and state still maintain a vast network of cemeteries that includes a variety of places where the city once played a significant role in its history.

The City of New York, which oversees the cemetery, says the cemetery will continue to be used to honor the city of New Paltz, the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, whose life and legacy are being honored in the cemetery.

The city has also established a fund to help keep the cemetery going.

As of last month, there were more than 50,000 people living in the city who had been registered as having been buried there, according to a spokeswoman.

About 2,000 more people have died in the past 50 years, and the city says it has to do whatever it takes to keep its cemetery population from falling.

But as of today, the City of Poughkeepsbury, home to a nearby cemetery, will be taking over the cemetery’s operations.

Poughsbury Mayor Tom Kocher told The Associated Press that he believes the move is needed to preserve the cemetery and make it safer.

He says the city will continue operating a cemetery in Poughville that is managed by the New Poughbury Cemetery Association, which will remain open to the public and is committed to preserving the history of the cemetery through its preservation.

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