Water costs rise across the US after drought

Water bills are climbing across the country as the state of Alabama struggles with a drought.

The average water bill in Alabama has risen an average of $3,829 since June 1, according to a report from the Alabama Water Resources Department.

Alabama is one of the states that is struggling to meet the state’s demand for water.

The average water cost per household has risen by $2,937 since June.

According to the report, the increase is due to the state having to increase water usage, which has risen as well.

The increase in water usage is due primarily to the ongoing drought and the increased cost of maintaining infrastructure.

The state is also facing the need to reduce its water usage.

In 2018, Alabama had a drought that forced the state to switch to a hybrid system.

The hybrid system is meant to ensure that water is always available to all of the people in the state.

The new hybrid system also uses water that is stored in underground reservoirs that are accessible to those who do not live in the area.

Alabama is one area where the new hybrid is working.

It has been one of Alabama’s top producers of rainwater.

The state has also seen a steady increase in its rainfall over the last few years, which is why the cost of water has increased.

The report notes that the increase in rainfall was due to more than a year of drought.

In total, Alabama has an estimated water bill of $9,926.

The amount of water consumed by Alabama has increased by $1,500 since June 2018.

According, the Alabama Department of Water Resources says that it expects the cost to continue to rise due to a combination of the current drought and increasing water use.

The report notes, however, that Alabama has managed to keep water prices down due to its hybrid system and the increasing number of people who use the system.

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