When Rural King Ad won’t take a call from the jury

The rural king has refused to take a phone call from a jury member after the king was caught on camera making a racially charged remark to a female juror.

The judge in Montgomery County, Alabama, decided that the comment was offensive and banned the king from ever working in the courtroom again.

Montgomery County’s judge has decided that it was racist to make a racial remark to juror #KennyTheKing in a courtroom #KJOA pic.twitter.com/0Hb3pJgq4G — FOX 13 Birmingham (@fox13berlin) March 26, 2021King Ad, who runs a construction company and has served as sheriff in the area for nearly 40 years, has been charged with misdemeanor contempt for his comments.

In court documents, the judge wrote that it would be “a great tragedy” if King Ad was fired from the bench.

The King’s attorney, Steven F. Geller, told Fox 13 that the comments were made during a live interview with a member of the jury, and were not intended to offend anyone.

“He has apologized to everyone he has offended and he has done so in a very professional way,” Geller said.

“The court has ruled that he should never be in the Montgomery County Courthouse again.”

Geller said he did not believe the comments would have any impact on the jury’s verdict.

“I think that he’s going to get back in the business of construction,” Gellers told the news station.

“He is a great family man and I think that this is an unfortunate situation, but we have got to get over it,” Gellar added.

The King has been accused of using his position of authority to silence a female neighbor and make derogatory remarks about a Black man in an incident captured on surveillance cameras.

He is being held in jail on a $5 million bond.

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