When electric vehicles hit the road, urban planners are fighting to keep up

Rural electrification is on the rise and the urban planning sector is taking the initiative in a big way.

With more than 30 cities across India, the country is looking at how to develop more sustainable and more sustainable energy.

The city of Mumbai has a plan to generate 5,000MW of power by 2022 from a series of rooftop solar projects.

This is a great start for the country, but the problem is that the city of more than one million people is only able to generate 1,000-1,500MW of electricity per year.

This is partly because it is not a well-served urban area.

As a city, it has the highest rate of air pollution in the country.

There are many environmental and climate concerns surrounding the area, which is also where Mumbai’s solar farms are located.

So the city is looking to the rooftop.

This plan has brought an influx of funds and has helped in the development of solar power.

With about 1.5 million rooftop solar installations in the city, the city has the capacity to generate enough power to power almost 1,300 houses.

It has also invested in a new facility to process and store solar electricity.

The solar power plants are part of a new project called Rural Energy Infrastructure (RESI).

The plan is to build 5,500 solar power capacity at a total cost of $4.7 billion, of which $1.4 billion is earmarked for rural electrification and $1 billion is for urban electrification.

This represents a significant increase in the amount of solar energy capacity in India.

The urban electrified areas are not the only ones trying to take advantage of this opportunity.

There is a plan for rural electric power generation in Mumbai as well.

This plan has been implemented in Mumbai by the State Government.

The state government has also made it easier for people to obtain solar power and has started a pilot project with the Ministry of Urban Development.

This project aims to increase the capacity of rural solar power by 25 per cent in the next two years.

This program has already led to a 15 per cent increase in solar power generation.

With the launch of the pilot project, the state government plans to increase its solar capacity by 50 per cent.

With this kind of growth in solar energy, the future is bright.

As a city of about 30 million people, Mumbai is also trying to develop its solar industry.

With solar power already being installed in some of its buildings, the urban electrifying areas can continue to expand their solar power capacities.

In fact, Mumbai has already become the second-largest solar energy producer in India after the state of Maharashtra.

As per data from the National Solar Mission, the Indian solar industry grew by 10.6 per cent from 2013 to 2016.

This means that solar power has grown by 25.8 per cent during this time.

This growth in the solar industry has been driven by a number of factors, which include:The increasing cost of solar panels and photovoltaic modules (PV) The development of the solar panel industry in IndiaAs a result of the rapid increase in domestic demand for solar panels, solar companies in India are also trying their best to provide the local solar power market with a competitive price.

The prices have come down from $8 to $1 a watt in India since 2013.

This was a direct result of a reduction in tariffs that had been imposed on solar power imports by the government.

The price for solar power is based on the price of electricity consumed by the energy consumer and not on the size of the PV panels installed.

This ensures that the power is not subject to fluctuations in demand.

The government has started making the PV modules more affordable and has also started promoting the use of solar technology for the distribution of electricity.

This will help solar power producers in the long run, and also encourage solar power consumers to move to this technology.

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