How to pronounce the rural king’s effingham

It’s the first thing I ever hear a farmer say.

But if it’s not the first word I hear a rural farmer say, it certainly won’t be the last.

A rural king has a distinctive, hard-boiled, slightly stumpy voice and a deep and powerful drawl.

A king’s name is the name of the king, but it can also be a name of his wife or even his child.

When a king dies, his family and the nation honor him by calling him a king, and many people in the United States honor him with a royal effingham.

The effingham is worn by the king and other royals throughout the year, but in the summer and fall, it is rarely worn by people without a connection to the king.

So I asked a group of NPR and PBS contributors what it was like to be a rural king.

One of the contributors, former CNN national correspondent Michael S. Schmidt, told me that he didn’t know what to make of it.

“When you’re the king of the United Kingdom, it’s like wearing an American flag and you’re just so proud of it,” Schmidt said.

“You’re just proud to be the king.”

So, he said, “When I think of my king, I think that it’s the most ridiculous thing that I have ever seen.”

When I asked Schmidt about how he knew he was the king when he couldn’t recognize the other people who wore the effingham, he explained that he was a farmer and that the name king is a name for someone who lives in the area, which he thought was “the rural part of England.”

Schmidt’s father was a British soldier and he said he had no idea that his father was the royal effington.

He also said he has no memory of wearing it.

When he asked the NPR and CNN contributors what they remembered most about being a king he said that it was a “terrific feeling.”

“The whole day it is like a very special moment,” he said.

When I interviewed Schmidt in 2011, he was still wearing the effington, but had not yet gotten used to the fact that he had been the king in the past.

“I think people forget it now,” he told me.

Schmidt told NPR’s Terry Gross about the effenberg as a gift for the king during a PBS special in 2011.

“They put it on me, and they made me feel like I’m the king,” Schmidt told Gross.

“It’s really nice to have a place where I can go, where I know that I belong, where my children feel comfortable, where the children know they’re welcome.”

So it was that day that I saw a group and was inspired to write this piece.

It was a great moment.

It made me very proud.

When you’re in the royal family, and the king is the leader, it means a lot to you.

And so it was an incredible moment to see that people could appreciate what it means to be king and also have something to put on their backs that makes them feel very proud to have it.

I think it’s a great thing, to be able to wear a royal piece of clothing that has this special connection to you, that says, ‘I am the king,’ and that you’re proud to wear it.

And it makes me feel very special.

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