How a rural health facility helped save a life

The hospital was one of several in the community that responded to a 911 call about a man who was unresponsive and in cardiac arrest.

But the patient’s family says they didn’t realize that the facility was equipped with the tools they needed to treat him.

The clinic’s CEO and CEO of staff, both men, are from the community and are from New Jersey.

The facility is in the heart of a densely populated area and it’s the largest health facility in the area, which is one of the reasons why there are so many patients in the emergency room, said Dr. Michael Schreiber, who heads the facility.

The patient, Michael V. Vollrath, was diagnosed with a rare disease called acute myeloid leukemia.

The leukemia was so advanced that it needed a stem cell transplant.

He was diagnosed at the hospital because he had a tumor and could not be treated there, Dr. Schreib said.

“We did everything we could to keep him alive.

We brought in specialists from around the country, we took him to a specialist, we did everything.

It was an incredible effort,” Schrefer said.

The family is grateful that the hospital’s emergency room was able to provide a better option for the man.

“It was a lifesaver.

It saved his life.

I’m grateful for that,” Vollpoth said.

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