A new electric vehicle factory in rural King County is looking to build on what was done in the 1980s, as a new factory opens in rural Adams County

Byron Adams, a rural electric vehicle producer, has announced plans to build a $10 million plant in Adams County, and said it would be a factory that would produce small, high-volume EVs.

The plant, which Adams said was on the horizon, would produce about 5,000 vehicles per year, and be in the area of King County.

Adams said it will be in an area that was once used as a coal mine.

Adams and his wife, Carol, are the owners of the Adams Family Farms, which are also a production company for electric vehicles, and they said they would also be producing large-volume, long-range EVs in Adams county.

“Our goal is to make this a sustainable industry,” Adams said in a press release.

“We are committed to creating jobs for local families and to doing so while meeting the state’s greenhouse gas emission standards.”

The plant will produce battery packs, chargers, charger boxes, and charging stations.

The Adams Family Farm will also produce batteries, chargering units, and a lot of other equipment for electric vehicle manufacturers, including batteries and chargers for electric cars.

“The Adams Family farm in Adams will be the first of many electric vehicle factories and distribution centers in Adams and surrounding counties,” Adams continued.

“This plant will provide the opportunity for more families to enjoy the benefits of EVs while also creating thousands of jobs in Adams.”

The Adams County Department of Transportation and Utilities is expected to release a preliminary environmental impact report for the project later this year.

It will also build out the site of the plant, and build out a power plant and power substation, as well as make upgrades to the highway and bridges that connect it to nearby cities.

Adams noted that the project would help bring a new energy source to rural communities.

“It is a new opportunity for rural residents, rural businesses, and communities of color to work together and provide a positive, sustainable, and healthy energy future,” he said.

“A great many businesses have begun to make the transition from coal to EV production, and it is great to see that Adams County is taking advantage of this opportunity.”

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