Rural king wentzzville, casas rural,vandals rurales goes to court

Casas Rurales, the province that has been a stronghold of the former rebel army and the country’s only independent news site since December 2016, has filed a complaint against the former vice president of the country, Victor Pinchu, for his alleged involvement in the countrys most violent conflict.

The complaint comes on the heels of a court ruling in December 2016 which awarded the former president Pinchub $3 million in damages.

Casas said the ex-president’s actions contributed to the death of thousands of civilians, the destabilization of the nation, and the destabilizing effect on the security of the region. 

The complaint filed on Wednesday, which was filed by Casas as part of a civil case brought by Pinchuz, seeks the ex president’s arrest, and a punishment of at least 5 years in prison. 

In February 2017, Pinchut was indicted for his role in the violence that claimed the lives of over 600 people, including hundreds of children, and led to the seizure of over 20 million dollars in cash, weapons, and luxury items.

Pinchur said the court had ordered him to surrender to police but he was unable to comply due to the armed groups’ presence in the region, and refused. 

During the civil case, which also resulted in Pinchun’s release, authorities in the province were accused of failing to protect the country from the conflict and also failed to prevent the conflict from turning into a full-blown civil war. 

As the conflict continued, Panchu’s office, which is now part of the government, took steps to help the country and the region to stabilise.

Panchut’s office also worked with the country to prevent further escalation of the conflict, the civil complaint alleges. 

“The Casas Regional Government, the state authorities, the regional military and security authorities in Casas, and all those who were complicit in the conflict in Casos, have all committed grave violations in the course of their duties and responsibilities in this country,” Casas’ vice president, José María López, said in a statement.

“As a result of these grave violations, Casas was forced to resort to the legal mechanisms and to the rule of law to resolve the conflict.” 

The countrys armed groups are now a group known as the National Movement of Casas and its armed wing, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), has a presence in Casinas.

In March 2018, Pichu’s party, the Patriotic Union of the Colombia (UNPAC), took over control of the party and its leaders were forced to resign. 

Casas, which has a population of around 3 million people, has become a battleground between the two sides, with both sides accusing each other of committing atrocities.

The two sides are also locked in a deadly war in which over 2,000 people have been killed, according to the United Nations.

The United Nations has said the fighting has cost the lives and property of hundreds of thousands more.

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