How to protect yourself against bushfires in rural Queensland

RIDGEPORT, Queensland — The raggedy, old-fashioned car has been a staple of the landscape since the 1880s, but now it’s about to go the way of the wagon.

“It’s gone,” says the owner, a retiree who gave up his tractor for a year to move into his new home in the heart of the Redferns.

It’s a bit sad.

The owner, who asked not to use his real name, has been renting a truck for five years.

We need to find a way to survive the bushfires that have been devastating Queensland.

Its been an incredible job for him and his wife.

I think we’re in good shape.

But I’ve had to put some time and effort into it.

He doesn’t have a lot of money.

In his own home, he has a small garden and a garage, and has a few spare parts in the back.

There’s also a lot he can do for himself.

His tractor is a good investment, but there’s plenty he could do with it.

It’s not a big-ticket item, he says, and it’s just a truck.

On the other hand, the rental fee has been pretty good, so I can’t complain.

As a remote community, we are always in the hunt for ways to protect ourselves.

Even if you don’t own a tractor, there’s a lot you can do.

When you think about what we’ve been through, you can feel the effects of climate change and drought.

People are losing their houses and livelihoods.

The last thing we need is for our environment to be destroyed.

If you’re living in a remote area and have no other options, do what you can to help.

A small, family-run business, the company is also in the process of building a shed in a paddock on a property near his home, and plans to sell it to raise money for bushfire relief.

They’re looking to sell their business in the near future, as well.

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