How to Get a Job in Rural King clearfield

I’ve lived in rural King clearfields for the last year and a half.

I’m a part-time resident and, at least until the current unemployment rate dips below 4 percent, I can’t think of a job that could be as fulfilling as working at a local grocery store.

And while I can only dream of the job of a grocery store employee, I’m glad to be making enough money that I can get by.

I have two kids to support.

I live with roommates, but it’s not like I have to move into a new apartment to make room for them.

I don’t have to worry about a new car.

My car insurance is great.

My credit card is good.

My phone is always working and I don’s lease is up and I have no roommates to fall back on.

I get to stay in my house.

And I also get to be with my kids and work on my yard, garden, and my cat.

I mean, it’s a miracle.

“If you work hard enough, you can even get a good paying job.”

– Rhea Shandler, rural king jobs source Reddit/r/worldnews source Reddit

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