How to keep your kids safe when visiting a wildlife park

You know how they’re never too young to have fun, but that’s not always the case.

When visiting wildlife parks, kids and adults can get into dangerous situations at the parks.

In a case of accidental trespassing, a 4-year-old boy died when he got caught in a chain of chains while playing in a river.

He was trying to retrieve his backpack from the bottom of the river and was accidentally caught in the chain.

The chain was pulled up to his head and then the chain came loose.

His mother and father tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t let go of the chain, and he was dragged downstream.

He died of his injuries in hospital.

The park said it will be investigating the incident.

Kids are also more at risk when they are hiking and biking through natural areas, and there are also risks when they cross paths with animals.

Here are some tips to help keep your children safe when entering a wildlife sanctuary.


Always be prepared.

Before entering a park, be sure you have plenty of supplies, such as food, water, extra clothing and tools, and safety goggles.

You can also use a camera, cellphone or GPS device to make your way around.

Keep your water and snacks at hand and be careful not to fall or hurt yourself while playing.


Wear gloves and long pants to keep them warm.


Avoid rough terrain.

The best way to prevent injury is to avoid rough terrain and take your time, which can be tricky when walking in wild environments.

If you’re walking in the middle of the night, try to be patient and make your approach slowly, even if it’s a long way.

You may find it easier to take a detour to a trailhead.


Always make sure your child has a leash or harness on him or her.


Make sure you can reach your child and carry them safely.

Keep a lookout for the signs of a dangerous situation and try to get help from someone.


Always follow directions.

If your child is not wearing a leash, wear a safety harness and be prepared to carry a small child.


Wear long pants and long sleeves to keep you warm and dry.


Avoid touching animals.

Animals at wildlife parks may have different skin colors and are more vulnerable to predators and disease.

Be careful when walking near them.


Don’t over-extend your arms or legs.


Be aware of wildlife.

If an animal attacks or kills you, do not try to stop it.

Instead, find a safe location where you can retreat to.

The following are some of the tips to keep kids safe during a wildlife visit. 1

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