Rural King Marysville weather forecast, updated 11/10/16

Rural King Marysfield is forecast to get a “well-graded” and “very warm” weather today and tomorrow.

The Capital Weather Gang has issued an advisory for the region today.

It’s a “moderate-to-severe” situation with some isolated thunderstorms.

A “very cold front” is forecast for Saturday.

It’ll be moving across the region by Saturday evening.

The National Weather Service issued a weather advisory for Northern California.

The forecast calls for rain and wind.

A heavy downpour is expected this afternoon.

The weather team is calling for up to 6 inches of rain, with gusts of 60 to 85 mph.

The weather watch has been cancelled for southern and central California.

A rain shower is forecast tonight from south of Los Angeles through the Central Valley.

The Weather Channel’s “Wetland” is predicting a very dry day for Southern California with rain and winds of 70 to 80 mph.

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