Dickey’s rural network can help rural Australia grow and improve

Rural King Ad, a major telecommunications company based in Queensland, has been awarded a $1.6 million grant from the Federal Government to develop a rural broadband network in rural Australia.

RKAA CEO Mark Dickey says his company’s network is the only broadband service available to more than 500,000 rural residents in the state.

The grant is part of an ongoing $5 million program that the Government is investing in rural broadband, which has been identified as an area of greatest potential.

“Rural broadband is an area that is incredibly important to the health of the Australian community,” he said.

RKAB CEO Mark Hurd says rural broadband is one of the key areas of focus for the company. “

If we can continue to innovate and improve our services in rural areas, it will benefit our business and the broader rural economy as well.”

RKAB CEO Mark Hurd says rural broadband is one of the key areas of focus for the company.

“It’s really about delivering a high-quality broadband service for the majority of rural Australians,” he told ABC Radio National’s Breakfast on Monday.

“I think the opportunity for us is really big.

We have about 150,000 people that rely on the rural broadband services, and that’s the kind of broadband that can help them access the internet.”

Rural internet is essential for the delivery of health care and education to more people, and is also used by Australians who live outside the rural areas.

Rural internet access is particularly important for families that have limited internet access due to geographic distance, and are therefore dependent on the internet.

Mr Hurd said rural internet access can also be used to connect with the rest of the country, including people living in regional areas that are not connected to the internet, or those that don’t have access to internet at all.

RKC Network CEO Tim Smith says the grant will help rural organisations to access the rural internet, which is vital for the success of their business.

“We’re really looking forward to helping our community to access more broadband,” he says.

“When we get this grant, we’ll work with our rural community to see how they can access that broadband.”

Rural broadband service will also be available to businesses in the rural communities of New South Wales and Victoria.

Rural broadband is available to rural residents of Australia via mobile phone networks, which are available to almost all people in Australia.

The government also funds $5 billion in rural infrastructure projects in the country.

Rural internet access and access to rural broadband are critical to rural Australians who cannot access the national internet or the internet in their own communities.

The Rural Broadband Network is the third project in the Rural Broadness Fund, which was launched in December.

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