How to fix a city’s rural crisis

Rural development programs, which have helped to revive the fortunes of cities and towns in the last few decades, are at the heart of President Trump’s efforts to revive rural America.

But they are also facing new challenges.

Trump has made it a priority to revive and expand rural programs.

He wants more states to adopt programs that help rural communities develop their economic future.

But the program is under scrutiny in a variety of ways, including from Republicans in Congress, who say it is a waste of taxpayer money and the wrong way to support rural economies.

A few Republican governors are trying to expand rural development programs in their states, but others, including the president, are wary of the changes.

Rural development is at the core of the president’s economic agenda.

Trump promised to revive, expand and strengthen rural development during the campaign, but he has been slow to get the ball rolling.

He did announce a rural development plan in April that would provide incentives to states to invest in rural infrastructure.

But that plan did not include funding for any new rural development initiatives.

Some rural development experts are concerned that the president is moving too slowly to get his message out and to build support for the programs, as some states are already struggling to revive their economies.

That is particularly true given that rural development is a key element of Trump’s economic strategy and a cornerstone of the GOP’s economic platform.

So how does Trump’s Rural Development Program work?

Rural development, as the name implies, involves building new and better communities to support the growing rural economy.

These are often towns and villages that are not part of a city or state, or are rural areas where residents lack the resources to move to urban areas.

These towns and towns often have very limited land and water resources and lack access to the kind of infrastructure that would support a city, and they often lack a robust government or a strong social safety net.

These places can be a fertile ground for crime, drug and human trafficking, as well as poverty and social problems that can worsen when people become homeless.

Some of the biggest problems facing rural America are poverty and drug use.

The problem with drug abuse is that it’s very hard to get caught.

People are afraid to talk about their problems, or they’re afraid of getting caught.

So if you’re going to do a lot of crime, if you want to make a lot, you have to be really, really careful about who you talk to.

So a lot can go wrong with a lot.

If you do talk to people who are trying very hard, it’s not as easy to get help.

And if you talk a lot with someone who’s been involved in drugs, it can be really hard to have a positive impact on their life.

So there’s a lot to be concerned about, and there’s also a lot that can be done.

And the administration is trying to do everything they can to help rural America by giving incentives for new projects and by supporting rural development that helps the local economy.

Trump’s approach has attracted criticism from Republicans.

A key issue is that the Trump administration is not putting money into any rural development projects that are under investigation by the Justice Department or other federal agencies.

So far, the Trump Administration has not done anything to expand the program, even though it is critical to revitalizing rural communities.

The program also has faced some challenges.

One of the first things that Trump did in May was announce the creation of a Rural Development Fund to help states with rural development.

That fund is now set to receive $4 billion, and it has been criticized by some Republicans, including Sens.

Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Cory Gardner (R) for being too small.

That’s because it’s an amount that doesn’t cover the cost of projects like infrastructure, which can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another problem is that rural communities are often not well-served by existing development in the same way that urban areas are.

They often lack reliable roads, bridges, schools and sewer systems.

That means that when people need help, they may not have the resources, or that they can’t find the help.

Rural Development is a program that has traditionally been supported by Congress.

The Rural Development Act of 1978, which was passed by Congress and signed by President Richard Nixon, created the Rural Development Advisory Board and the Rural Investment Act of 1980, which created the National Rural Development Center.

Congress also created a Rural Growth and Economic Development Act, which is the Rural Growth Economic Development Program, which includes grants to states for a variety or projects.

This year, the bill passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by the president.

The Trump administration has also announced it will spend $3 billion over five years to expand and improve the Rural Health and Human Services Program, an initiative created by former President Bill Clinton to provide assistance to rural hospitals, clinics and other providers in need.

The president has also created

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