Rural: Rural America: Trump ‘very much aware’ of rural poverty

On Thursday, President Donald Trump will address a group of farmers and ranchers in the rural United States, a group that has been vocal about their concerns about a lack of investment in rural infrastructure and other issues that have plagued their communities.

Trump will talk about “the forgotten men and women of America,” according to a White House press release, which will feature comments from Trump, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Rep. Mark Meadows (R, N.C.), and Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.).

The White House is calling it a “very high priority” for the President and the rural communities that make up his base.

Trump’s remarks will likely include his recent comments about “draining the swamp,” and the lack of investments in rural communities in recent years.

While rural infrastructure is not in the president’s top priority, the President has also expressed support for the expansion of the broadband infrastructure.

In recent months, the White House has focused on the need for more rural broadband infrastructure, including in areas that are hit hard by the recent wildfires.

The rural broadband expansion is not an isolated case, either.

Trump has also made infrastructure investments in the past, such as a $1.9 billion infrastructure investment for the Army Corps of Engineers.

In a speech to the Iowa Agricultural Coalition on Wednesday, Trump said that “the internet is going to be a force for good.”

In March, the president signed an executive order expanding broadband access in rural areas.

But with more and more rural areas facing extreme economic challenges, Trump is also looking to the private sector for new opportunities to boost their economies.

He has spoken about investing in infrastructure to increase jobs, and also said he wants to “build roads, bridges, airports, and railways across our country, not just in rural America but across the country.”

Trump has already made infrastructure spending a central part of his economic agenda.

In May, he signed an order for $1 trillion in infrastructure investments, including $500 billion for the Department of Transportation and $100 billion for highway construction.

The White Department said the $1 billion for infrastructure was part of an effort to “modernize and modernize our nation’s roads, highways, bridges and railways,” which include new technology like electric vehicles and “smart grid technologies.”

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