Which cities have the biggest rural metro area?

Rural India is known for its diverse and varied terrain, and many of the countries largest cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai are also home to sprawling rural areas.

In fact, the average rural population in India is only 6% of the total population, with some areas even exceeding 60% of total population.

In fact, there are more than 30,000 cities in India and many more metropolitan areas, towns and rural villages.

Cities in rural India include Varanasi, Kochi, Lucknow, Luckam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata, Patna, and Ahmedabad.

The population of rural India is increasing in the next two decades as the number of people in rural areas increases.

The total number of rural metro areas in India has increased from 6,851 in 2016 to 8,823 in 2019.

It has also increased from 2.7% of population in 2016 (in urban areas) to 3.1% of people (in rural areas) in 2019, the report said.

According to the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), the number and size of urban and rural metro networks has increased substantially in rural parts of India in the past decade.

Cities such as Mumbai and Chennai have seen large increases in the number, while cities such Bhopal, Chennai and Bangalore have seen significant increases in their urban networks.

According the NSSO, the number urban networks in India decreased by more than 50% from 20,619 in 2017 to 14,817 in 2019 as compared to the number rural networks.

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