Rural king mattoons: Casas rural to be renamed Casas de la Real

Casas Rurales is set to become Casas De La Real in the Casas province.

The capital Casas, which is home to Casas National Rural School, will also be renamed.

The new name was chosen as it will help to unite the province.

It is not yet clear whether it will be used by the national school, which has been operating in the area since it was founded in 1996.

The national school was founded to educate students in the rural areas of Casas and Casas del Norte.

It currently operates in three villages, the first of which is Casas Del Norte, the second in Casas.

The third village is Casa del Norté, which the school is currently building a new school in.

In a statement, Casas Governor Fernando de Vízquez said the school will now have a name that is both locally accepted and reflects the region’s culture.

“The school will be named Casas Royal Rural School for the sake of the children and the future generations of Casos and Casos de la real,” he said.

The Casas regional governor, Luis López, also said the name change will be made permanent and will not be used for other purposes.

“We want to respect our heritage, and we want to preserve our culture,” he added.

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