How a small town electric bill saved me from bankruptcy

By Mark St. JohnHow a small rural electric bill saving me from bankruptcies helped me find a way to live and work in the big city, a few months after I moved to rural Indiana.

The bill was so small that it made no sense to me.

It was only $3.50 a month.

The bills went by so quickly I had no idea when I’d be able to make my monthly payments.

I didn’t know the state’s bankruptcy law.

I didn’t understand it.

I thought, I don’t have a plan to pay the bills.

I was confused and I thought it was impossible.

I went to the state auditor, where I learned that I’d filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in November 2014.

I needed a plan and I needed a job.

The job was at a nearby business.

I had an idea.

I was the head of the office’s finance department, and I wanted to help customers in their financial struggles.

I wanted them to feel that I was there for them.

My new boss was a young guy named Matt.

I liked his attitude.

I liked his work ethic.

He liked me.

I had no clue what I was getting into.

He wanted me to run a small, community-based electric company.

Matt told me that I would be given a budget for a few years, then get an extension.

I knew that was the case because he told me so.

He didn’t want me to be a freelancer.

He just wanted me focused on what I had to do, to work on a plan.

It was a plan, and it worked.

It turned out that Matt was a good salesman, and he was an excellent salesman.

The plan worked.

He had me sign on to a program that helped small businesses get access to financing.

I got a discount on the electricity bill and I paid my bills.

The only drawback was that I had only a few days of vacation, and my new boss wouldn’t let me take the kids out of school.

I told Matt I would call him.

I wanted him to know I had been there for him.

I just needed him to see me, because I was in trouble.

He didn’t even ask me why I wanted him on my team.

He said, you’ve done well, but I have a couple more things to ask.

I asked him to get the plan out to the other staff, but he wouldn’t.

So, I was out of luck.

I called Matt.

We spoke for about two hours.

Then, he came to me and said, I think this is a bad idea.

The company is a little bigger, and you don’t want to be working with someone like that.

He told me I’d have to move on.

I moved out of the house.

I bought a car and started working for Matt again.

I worked nights, weekends, holidays, and nights on end.

I saved the money to pay for a home.

I couldn’t wait to retire and be able the way I wanted.

I did what I needed to do.

I made my monthly electric bill pay off.

I stopped working and moved into a house.

The next thing I knew, I got a phone call from Matt.

It sounded like he was about to come to pick me up.

The call was a little strange, but it was a very good call.

Matt had a good reason.

I knew he would be angry.

But he said, there is a job out there that you can do.

It’s a job I know I can do, and that I can be successful in.

Matt didn’t need any advice from me.

He asked if I had a plan or what I wanted out of life.

I told him I had never thought about going to college.

Matt explained that I didn-had a good plan.

I would start a business.

He suggested I take a $200,000 loan to invest in the business.

I loved the idea.

I’d invest in my own business.

My boss agreed.

I paid the loan and I started a company.

The idea worked.

The loan paid off.

The business started growing.

It made me proud to work for a company that did things the right way.

I paid off my loan.

I started the business and started paying off the loan.

It took me a few more years to make the money I needed for my business.

The plan worked, and the company started growing again.

The loans were paid off, and after another decade or so of growth, I had enough money to buy a home in the town where I’d lived for the last 15 years.

The house I had lived in was a gift from my dad.

I called him the next day and asked him how much it would cost to buy me a new one.

He gave me a good answer, but said I should go out and find another place.

I said, no, I’m not

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