How to get an ‘urban legend’ of a missing baby

In rural Ireland, a baby’s “urban legend” may come from a rural storyteller.

A young woman told a story about a baby girl missing for days, and a farmer said she was found alive.

A farmer in Limerick has claimed a baby was buried in a ditch, but that’s not true.

And, in rural America, a farmer claims he has found a missing child’s remains in a grave, but there is no way to prove it. 

Rural folklore is something that exists on a wide spectrum in Ireland, from tales about missing children to “urban legends” of a child who disappeared.

But, in Ireland the most popular is a rural legend.

A woman in County Antrim told the Irish Independent that she had a child with a man named “Manny” who she said had been in Ireland for 30 years.

She told the paper that she knew she had to tell the man’s story to get help, and she wanted to share it with him.

But the story she told about her son and the man he was with had a twist.

“He told me he had been missing for two years, and he said he was in a car accident and had been left behind,” she said.

She said that she gave him a number of false names, but when he told her he was missing, she started calling him by his real name, “Mammon.” 

“I didn’t want to give up hope.

But after three days, I got tired of lying and I rang him,” she told the newspaper.

She ended up getting a call from a man who was actually the real “Mamon” telling her he would help her find her son.

But it wasn’t until he gave her his real last name that she realised what the man was saying.

She was shocked.

“I said, ‘I think I know what’s going on.'”

She gave him the numbers to her son’s grave, and when he called, she told him she was still alive.

“She said he could come and see me, and I said,  ‘Yeah, you can come, I’ll give you the number, but you need to call me first, otherwise I’ll be the one who finds you.'”

She got his number and called the police.

The police called her again and again and finally, she gave the police the phone number to the man. 

“He came in the ambulance, and after about an hour, I knew something was wrong,” she wrote in the Irish paper.

“Mammy came up to me, put her arm around me and said, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t tell you where I was, I was too scared to tell you.” 

So, she wrote, “I put my arm around him and said he can come with me.”

But he was gone. 

  The baby, who was then 5 years old, was never found.

The woman, who told the Independent that the man had been “in Ireland for two decades” said she didn’t have any information about the child’s whereabouts or whereabouts of the man who she had claimed had been a missing person for years.

The baby’s parents, who are still living in the village, told the Belfast Telegraph that they believed that the story was a local one, but the police said they were not investigating it.

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