When RTE’s Rural Hall will reopen on Tuesday

A new RTE documentary will air on Tuesday, with a full-length documentary about the historic site that was once home to one of the country’s most important rural heritage institutions, a new exhibition will be opened on Wednesday and a documentary about its future will be launched on Thursday.

The documentary will be shown at the National Library of Ireland and at RTE studios in the UK.

The programme will examine the RTE website, the programme, its audience and its archives, and will be available to view on a subscription basis.

The exhibition, which will also include a full archive of photographs and audio footage, will focus on the rural heritage of the RTA, the Irish Water Authority and the RTP as well as the history of the site.

The RTE programme will be produced by Dr Patrick Murphy, director of RTE documentaries.

It will be made available to members of the public for free from Friday, July 18 to Tuesday, July 21.

The project will be in its final weeks, and it will be broadcast in two parts.

The first part will focus around the RTR, the RTC and the legacy of the community.

The second part will explore the future of the rural and rural heritage areas of the island and the future plans for the RTO.

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