When it rains: A history of the drought in northern Australia

The National Weather Service in Australia is in the process of releasing its first quarterly drought update, and the latest drought update comes as a surprise.

A year ago, it was a record-breaking dry season in northern New South Wales.

A decade ago, a record low of 12.6C was recorded in New South Australia, a state that has been in the grip of extreme weather for much of the past year.

In Tasmania, it’s been a record hot summer, but a record drought.

And in Western Australia, drought has been ongoing since January and has been a key factor in the closure of state parks.

In Victoria, the drought is a matter of public record, and this year has been particularly extreme.

As with many natural disasters, there’s been an unusually large number of reports of water rescues, with more than 700,000 people reported to have been in emergency shelters, compared with the usual 1.3 million or so reported across Australia every year.

What is rural?

The term “rural” refers to a place where people live in the same area.

It refers to the people who live there and the culture they live in, which is often similar to the culture of their environment.

The people living in the area will often use their own language, they will often live close to each other and they have a strong sense of belonging.

It can also mean a particular place has had a particular history, or that a particular group has been there a long time.

The word “rurban” refers only to a particular part of the Australian countryside.

It does not refer to the countryside around the city or in towns and cities.

Where the word “rails” comes from, it is used to describe the roads used by people who are not urban dwellers, and so does not have the same meaning.

The term is more common in Northern Territory, where people do live in cities, and is used in regional Australia.

What are the main impacts of a drought?

Weather forecasts suggest that a number of key factors can lead to significant disruption in rural Australia: the risk of bushfires will be high

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