New technology can turn your house into a ghostly monument

Rural King Swansong, an architectural firm, is developing a technology that turns the inside of your house or apartment into a portal into a virtual reality world.

The project, which is being funded by the State University of New York, uses a new technology called “virtual reality platforming,” or VR.

You can see how the technology works in the video above.

When you enter the portal, the software uses infrared sensors to map your room’s surface area and translate that into spatial data.

The information is then sent to a virtual computer which converts that data into a 3D image that you can then see through your virtual eyes.

“When you walk through the portal into the virtual reality, it looks very real,” Rural King CEO Scott McDaniel told me.

“But it’s actually just an illusion.

You’re actually in a virtual world.”

The portal is not entirely a new idea.

Back in 2013, the team at Urban King put a pair of goggles on their head, and then strapped them on to a computer.

It’s still not clear what they were trying to do.

“We were kind of trying to figure out what the best way to put on goggles and get into VR,” McDaniel said.

“It’s kind of a weird idea, but I guess it’s something we’ve been exploring.”

The team is also developing a 3-D printer for 3D printing virtual objects.

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