‘I didn’t want to be a criminal’: Ragsdale recalls his childhood in the criminal justice system

When he was seven, Ragsdales first heard the news that his brother, who was dead, was in a drug-dealing operation.

He remembers the pain and the humiliation.

“I remember thinking, ‘What am I doing to this person?'”

Ragsden said.

He served three years in prison before parole was granted. “

Ragsden was convicted of murdering his father and uncle.

He served three years in prison before parole was granted.

But he also was haunted by his brother’s crime. “

He was the most devoted father in my life,” Ragsde said.

But he also was haunted by his brother’s crime.

“You’re looking for a place to hide,” he said.

He and his brother would watch movies in their cell, listening to rap music and reading books by writers like William Faulkner.

“When you see your brother die, you’re thinking about that person that’s in the corner.

You’re thinking, `Why would anyone do that to a human being?'”

Ragesden was eventually paroled in 2003.

“As I got out of prison, I started to understand that this was the way that justice was being administered in this country,” he says.

“There was a lot of injustice in the system.

It was an indictment of what we believed in.”

In the fall of 2015, Ragan Ragsdel and his girlfriend, Mary-Lou Baskerville, moved into an apartment complex near the intersection of University Avenue and University Avenue.

Ragan had just returned from a three-month prison sentence for a drug crime and was living with his girlfriend and two other men.

He was working as a landscaper when he heard the sound of the front door being opened.

“We opened the door to find two men in a blue minivan,” Ragan said.

“I remember saying, `Is something wrong?’

They were just standing there with guns.”

Ragan grabbed his brother and tried to calm him down.

“The whole time I was thinking, What’s going on?”

Ragsdam said.

“‘I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I just need to get my brother home.'”

Ragsdad’s brother had died.

Ragsdingles brother was shot dead.

Ragan said he heard gunshots from inside the van.

He thought they were fireworks.

“And then I heard, ‘Run!’

And then I looked out the window and I saw a white van,” Ragda said.

Ragin said he ran to the window to see the two men running toward him.

“They were just shooting at me,” Ragin remembers.

Ragden said he was trying to get his brother out of the van but the men stopped him.

Raggeddas brother ran toward the van and ran out.

The van stopped, and Ragan saw a man with a gun running away.

Ragerds brother told police that he shot the men, but they told him he shot himself in the chest.

“But the pain in my chest and my neck told me it wasn’t good,” Raggden said, “and I told myself, `I can’t do that.'”

He says he had to flee the building to get away from the shooting.

He tried to run to the police station and tried calling his mother, but he couldn’t get through.

“Then I realized I was scared to death,” he recalled.

At the hospital, Ragdals mother was waiting for him.

Her son had been shot twice in the back and her daughter was on the phone with police.

RAGDALS MOTHER: We’re in shock.

It’s so hard to understand.

I can’t believe this happened.

She had to hold me.


He had been killed.

And we had to take his body to the morgue.

RIGGDA: He told me he was going to die.

And I said, `No, he’s going home.

He’s still alive.’

He just passed away.’ “

She was like, `He’s okay.

He just passed away.’

And then she told me that her husband was dead and she didn’t know why,” RAGDELLS MOM.


But Ragan says he wasn’t ready to be home yet.

Raghda had been planning to stay with his grandmother until her husband died.

But when his wife told him she was pregnant, R

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